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A typical day on board

The days aboard of Almyra can be spent anyway you choose them.

Your day might begin with a refreshing swim before breakfast

After a delicious breakfast complemented by fresh Greek l fruits, homemade muffins, yogurts and juices,or wonderfull pies and bread  from local bakeries  up go the sails and you’re off to your next destination 

Alternatively if you have found your paradise stay anchored in he bay and relax
Snorkel on the nearby reef, scuba dive water ski kayak or simplyr grab a book from the ship’s library to enjoy in the shade of your cockpit. 

You wouldn’t mind being stranded here forever. The beach has sand so white it hurts the eyes. 

Enjoy lunch served at the cockpit . CAPTAIN  will catch some sea urchins or an octopus and he will be happy to prepare these for you.

After a few hours in paradise you will weigh anchor and sail to an exciting new island where you will arrive around 3-4 pm which gives you plenty of time to look around.

With a sunset beverage in hand, you’ll sail to your next protected anchorage for the night. The aromas from the galley tantalize. After dining alfresco, you enjoy a cognac on the aft deck.. So many stars! They seem close enough to touch.

On each island you can rent motorbikes or a car but if you prefer  CAPTAIN  can take you around in a minibus and show you the main attractions of the island.
In the evening you can either eat on the boat or head for a typical Greek tavern where you can taste the local cuisine.
Reluctantly, you make your way to your stateroom, surprised to see that all that fresh air, exercise and good food have you in bed by ten.

For the party crowd, it’s time to head to shore to sample the local nightlife. Dance the night away, whether you’re barefoot in the sand or on top of a table in a Greek Taverna or in a glamorous nightclub . Inhibitions disappear on a crewed yacht charter!

See you in Greece !!!!

Ilia Rigas