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ALMYRA has a crew of 4 who have been brought together for their "can do" attitude and their genuine enthusiasm for assuring that guests have a memorable experience onboard. They have a high sense of responsibility and safety awareness and they look forward to welcoming you onboard!
Stavros Papadopoulos

41 years -Married with 2 Children

Captain Stavros is a skipper A class and is in charge of Almyra.  He started his career on yachts back in 1988 and over the past 23 years, he has been in yachting as a Captain on a number of yachts such as M/Y Deka 88ft , M/Y Ivi 95ft  M/SAlbatros 115ft, M/Y Whispers II 78ft and many more.  Capt. Stavros enjoys sailing and teaching water sports and will safely take you to unspoilt coves or lively islands depending on your desire.

 Capt. Stayros will organise the itinerary and through his exceptional knowledge of Greek Waters will be happy to suggest lesser known ports of call or take Almyra and her Guests to the most famous Greek islands. He not only enjoys sailing but also fishing and teaching water sports too.  As a personality, Capt. Stavros is very serving and welcoming; in fact, nothing makes him happier than serving, with excellence, all his guests on board. After all, he firmly believes that the hallmark of a successful crew is the happiness of the guests.

Capt. Stavros is with Almyra the last 4 years and is extremely popular with our clients with his friendly character and his excellent seamanship.


Chris Filakouris
26 years - Single

Chris was working with Almyra as an engineer together with his father  since his was a schoolboy. Now he is experienced enough to take over and be part of our crew.He is a very enthusiastic young man ready to assist in every way he can. Chris speaks English and together with the Captain will organize Almyra's water toys,  arrange water-ski, jet-ski, snorkelling or fishing and assist the Captain in sailing Almyra.

Eusebio De Leon
35 years - Married with 2 children

Eusebio is from the Philippines and he has graduated from the School of Stewards - Sailors of Philippines. He has been familiar with working as steward since the studying years. Prior to joining Almyra’s crew he worked in hotels in the Philippines as well as in the catering industry.
He is with Almyra the last 9 Years and he speaks English.
Eusebio is a pleasant character and a hard working person providing excellent service to the guests of Almyra and ensuring their wishes are fulfilled.
Michael Nikolaou
26– Single

Michael  has graduated from the school of cooking Academy in Athens together with the school of Tourism and has worked at famous Gourmet Restaurants in Greece together with several motoryachts.  He will cater for high quality Modern Greek, Italian and International cuisine on board Almyra, organise a barbecue on a sandy beach, arrange your selection of fine wines and will tailor the menu to your desire and requirements. He speaks fluently English , although being a new member to Almyra’s crew, he is arriving with the best credentials!